A Light In The Void: LIVE Concert & Broadcast event

Created by Austin Wintory and Anthony Lund

A Light In The Void: LIVE Concert & Broadcast event
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$113,438.51 / 1,428 backers
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Signed 20exclusive 20kickstarter 20edition 20cd legacy square thumb
Signed exclusive Kickstarter edition CD
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A 20wintory 20best 20of legacy square thumb
Austin Wintory "Best of" digital albums
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Transfiguration 20complete 20piano 20sheet 20music legacy square thumb
"Transfiguration" -- (PDF) complete piano sheet...
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The 20complete 20austin 20wintory 20discography 20 digital  legacy square thumb
The COMPLETE Austin Wintory Discography (digital)
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Curated 20litv 20sheet 20music legacy square thumb
Curated LITV sheet music (PDF)
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Creative 20advisor legacy square thumb
Creative Advisor
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Austin 20wintory 20games 20package legacy square thumb
Austin Wintory games package
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Poster legacy square thumb
Light in the Void signed poster
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Signed 20complete 20litv 20conductor 20score legacy square thumb
Signed complete LITV conductor score
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Two 20tickets 20to 20see 20light 20in 20the 20void legacy square thumb
Two (2) "Forever" tickets to see Light in the V...
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Once in a lifetime 20shark tagging 20and 20marine biology 20expedition legacy square thumb
Once-in-a-lifetime shark-tagging and Marine-Bio...
1 20treasure 20trove legacy square thumb
Science and Art Treasure trove!
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Trip of a lifetime 20to 20underground 20lab legacy square thumb
Trip-of-a-lifetime to Underground Lab
Executive 20producer legacy square thumb
Executive Producer
A 20custom 20wintory 20tina 20guo 20ringtone legacy square thumb
A custom Wintory / Tina Guo ringtone
3 20x 20lp 20vinyl 20soundtrack legacy square thumb
3 x LP Vinyl Soundtrack
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Portraits 20of 20scientists legacy square thumb
Portrait of legendary scientists
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Personalized 20painting legacy square thumb
Custom paintings by Angela Bermúdez